Workplace Wellness

People are your business... how are your people?

Our Services 

We deliver interactive training sessions that help individuals, teams and managers to:

  • Understand and recognise stress in themselves and colleagues
  • Understand mental health in life and the workplace and how it affects performance
  • Create an open environment and culture to talk about stress, mental health and skills to support others
  • To build teams that focus on the people and not just the project outcome
  • Understanding personal resilience in life and the workplace
  • Understanding the resilience model and learning techniques to develop and strengthen their resilience

These sessions are ideally targeted at 6 - 12 people, however we can customise our delivery to fit your needs for smaller or larger groups.

Attendees will receive notes and resources to assist them beyond the sessions.

The goal of these sessions is to raise awareness of stress, mental health and wellness in the workplace and provide individuals and management the tools to assist themselves and their teams look after themselves and others.

Once person helped is a positive response. Experience from these sessions indicate multiple attendees gain something significant everytime.